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Merlino Monocultivar "Brandofino" Oil is an extra virgin olive oil obtained from olives of the Brandofino variety, a native Sicilian cultivar defined as minor due to its limited localization to the north-eastern area of Sicily. Despite the scarce diffusion, it lends itself to the production of quality oil, and finds its place of choice on the north side of Etna. It has a very fine flavor, due to a rather low level of acidity, and is of medium-high intensity, with a freshly harvested green olive fruity. Slightly spicy and with hints of artichoke, tomato and almond, it is pleasantly spicy and bitter on the palate, with a slightly sweet ending.



Its qualities make the product perfect to accompany fresh and essential dishes, and is suitable for flavoring a wide variety of dishes.



The harvest takes place starting from veraison and does not exceed the third decade of November. It is carried out by combing the foliage by hand and / or with the help of facilitating machines and collection nets spread over the ground, thus allowing only the freshly harvested olives to be picked up.

A few hours after harvesting, the olives are cold pressed at a temperature of 27 ° C which allows the organoleptic qualities to be transferred to the oil.


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  • Store in a cool, dry place away from light and heat.

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